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Remember commemorative & holiday date every year!

thiagorobis says:
My tip is pretty simple.
I have some difficulty remembering important dates and holidays.
Especially in my country, Brazil, where some holidays have no fixed date of the month, but one day. For example, The Father's Day is always the 2nd Sunday in August, while the Mother's Day is always the second Sunday of May.
So it's hard set a specific date in any calendar, as the date, as I said, is not fixed.

So, I use RTM like this:
*Create a list called Important Dates
*Add each date as a task isoalda, and use of SmartAdd to adjust, then, for example, father's day is equal to = Second Sunday in August
*Add to repeat every year
*Add an alert for 1 week before

Well, it's simple that way, but it does not forget any time that commemorative day more!

Hugs and enjoy the tip!
Posted at 4:45pm on August 10, 2012
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