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A solution for getting nudged on overdue tasks

rjpianist says:
Wanted to post here that I've come up with a workaround after spending days looking at other task managers none of which could lure me away from RTM. So, I am using the RTM app push notifications to let me know when I have tasks due "today", but since that doesn't include my overdue tasks, I have to have a separate reminder for those.

Here is what I came up with:

1. Set up Twitter so that you can DM with @rtm
2. Make a smart list called "Overdue" from a saved search for dueBefore:Today
3. Open an account at
4. Enable the Date/Time and Twitter channels there
5. Create a recipe using the Date/Time trigger (I set it for 3am) that tweets: d @rtm !gl Overdue
6. Make sure Twitter is set up to email you your DM's
7. (optional) Set up an email filter to delete emails that contain "Overdue: no tasks" so that you only get an email notification when RTM finds overdue tasks.

PHEW! This works. Now I wake up to an email that tells me about any overdue tasks.

Note, you can also have Twitter text you your DM's, but then you can't filter out when the message finds no overdue tasks. You will get a daily text whether you have overdue tasks or not.

I hope this helps someone out there who needs a nudge to complete overdue tasks.
Posted at 2:09pm on August 1, 2012
rjpianist says:
Here's a link to the IFTTT recipe:
Posted 5 years ago
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
IFTTT is really cool - using it in combination with RTM is a winner!
Being lucky last time I nominated a Tip of the Week I try again: Hope you get the honours!
Posted 5 years ago
lemayp says:
I like the idea of your recipes but there is just one thing that is not clear to me and it is the tweet syntax. I already use IFTTT so I know the concept.

The syntax of your tweet is : d @rtm !gl Overdue

I presume the "d" is for a direct message and the Overdue is the name of the Smart list..

But the @rtm utilization is puzzling me. As well as the !gl argument.

Where can I find more info on this? You seem to DM "@RTM" but the message is actually returning to you... Unless when doing so, the user @RTM respond to you with the result of "!gl Overdue", what ever that mean. So there must be a place where the user @rtm know who you are inside of the

I am just missing a little part of the puzzle I think.

Posted 5 years ago
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
Read more here:
You have to explain to RTM what username you have on Twitter and get verified for this to work. The !gl part is explained on the page above.
Posted 5 years ago
utahtoad says:
Love it. Used it.

You da bomb!
Posted 5 years ago
wheretheskygrows says:
This works perfectly. I love it. My only issue with it, is sometimes I have more than 140 characters worth of overdue tasks. I guess that just means I need to work on having less of them in 2013!

But if anyone has another workaround like this, let me know. I'd love to have the entire list of items in a list (overdue or any list) included in the body of an email.
Posted 5 years ago
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