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break complicated tasks into sequence of steps

alisdair.mckay says:
I often have large tasks that are made up of a series of steps. I don't always have a specific due date for each step, but once each step is completed I want to work on the next. I find that it is useful to use letters a,b,c,... to order the tasks because RTM displays the tasks alphabetically if there are no differences in priorities or due dates. For a simple example, if I need to mow the lawn (the big task) I need to a) buy gas for the lawn mower, b) mow the lawn, c) put the grass clippings in the compost; then I would enter the following tasks into RTM and tag them with "lawn"
a) buy gas #lawn
b) mow lawn #lawn
c) compost #lawn
By adding the letters a, b,c to the task names, RTM will show them in this order. Then I search for tasks with tag #lawn and start at the top of the list.
Posted at 4:20pm on July 25, 2012
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