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storing all your checklists in RTM

arunaugustine says:
I have a couple of checklists that I use for GTD weekly review, for packing while traveling etc. Earlier I used to store them as a google document but I found out that I did not get the satisfaction of checking them when completed. Also I did not want to shuttle between the RTM and google doc tabs while I was doing my weekly review. So now I have a list in RTM called "reference" where I store all my non-actionable items. All tasks that belong to a particular checklist, for e.g. GTD weekly review are tagged as "cl_weekly_review" and stored in them. The items are named with numbers so that they appear in sorted order. Now when I want to do my weekly review all I do is click on the "cl_weekly_review" tag in the tag cloud OR search for tag:cl_weekly_review and I get a nice list of items for that checklist ready to be completed and checked as done!
Posted at 9:32pm on July 19, 2012
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