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"Quickies" Smart List

(closed account) says:
First, here's a little bit about my RTM set-up. I use 4 main lists for task and project management.

Backburner = tasks without due dates, or concrete plans yet.
Projects = individual tasks related to yearly goals.(SmartList with matching tag)
Mini Projects = individual tasks related to my monthly goals (SmartList with matching tag also).
Inbox = everything else basically.

I know the idea of a "quickies" list isn't novel here, but I prefer mine not to be limited to a certain date or time frame. So I created a tag called "10mins" and than created a SmartList called "Quickies" that cuts across all my lists, tags, projects, etc. Its great for not wasting any of a 10-min break searching for what I can do quickly.

Posted at 8:10pm on July 13, 2012
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
You could also use Duration/Time estimate and look for
timeEstimate:"< 10 min"
Posted 5 years ago
azclaire says:
I have to ask this because I don't currently use the time estimate feature: If you did query "timeEstimate:<10 min", would the query include all the tasks with no time estimate? If so, rai.dai4's approach is better for those like me who would only tag 10 minute items and leave the timeEstimate field blank otherwise.

Posted 5 years ago
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
The search timeEstimate:"<10 min" doesn't return tasks with no time estimate.

Searching for tasks with no time estimate has to be done using NOT:
NOT timeEstimate:">0 min"
Posted 5 years ago
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