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Reduce APP Clutter on your iPhone

ryanway says:
If you're like me the less apps you have on your phone the better. Recently, I deleted my RTM app (it's a great app, but great apps tend to make me lose focus because I like to play around with them).
Here's what I did:
1. Setup RTM to work with Siri, that way you can either tell siri your task or go into the iphone's reminders app.
2. Setup RTM with twitter, that way you can have your twitter app send you a push notification when a task is due.
3. That's it, now you're not wasting time in the app.
The point of being productive is not wasting time trying to be productive... so hopefully this will help someone out :)

Also, if you have Outlook at work you can go another step by setting up RTM to sync with Outlook and then that way you can get notifications on your desktop and/or add reminders in Outlook and then get notifications on your phone.

Posted at 10:37pm on July 11, 2012
janvanderploeg says:
I suggest to stop using Twitter. That is the biggest time waster these days.

So, then there is time again to use a productivity app like RTM :)
Posted 5 years ago
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