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Turn your regular phone into a smartphone with RTM!

carlson.james says:
Sometimes the best way to get more out of Remember the Milk is using it well with other existing technologies. I recently realized that because text messages are nothing more than emails, I can send tasks into RTM with my regular old phone. I have envied the iPhone and Android users and imagined their uber-productive lives with all of that technology packed into their phones, but now I can run with the big boys too! And I'm doing it for 1/5 of the cost!

On my phone, I simply put my RTM email address into the "To" field, and send it away! My phone supports MMS (Multimedia Messages) which have a subject field and a body field. Thus, the task name goes into the subject line. If your phone doesn't support MMS, or you don't pay for it, you can send a regular text too. The absence of the subject line will cause your task to be titled "no subject" in your RTM inbox--but you can quickly copy and paste the task from the note into the title. (This is quite fast if you use keyboard shortcuts!)

Thank you RTM! Can't wait for the promised nested tasks!
Posted at 4:18am on July 3, 2012
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