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Morning reminder to grab umbrella if rain expected today

just_dmitry says:
After couple of weeks of "testing" I'm ready to show you how RTM can remind you in the morning (10-20min before leaving to work) to take umbrella, if and only if weather forecast says it will rain today.

As you guess, there is not problem to create a task "take umbrella", and most interesting part is create it "with condition"....

We need other service to achieve this: free service IFTTT (IF-This-Than-That,, as you may guess from its name, allows you to do some actions when something happens. It constantly "waits" for specified events and perform actions as soon as this event "triggers".

One of "event" it can wait for - "forecast for tomorrow is {rainy | sunny | ... }". Some of actions it can execute - send you SMS or email.
But if you simply use IFTTT - it will send you notification as soon as it receives tomorrow forecast - approximately today morning. But of course you do not want TODAY morning remainder for TOMORROW rain - we need a way to "delay" this event.

And here is where RTM can help us!
I created instruction in IFTTT ("recipe"), and as soon as it detects rain for tomorrow - it sends email to my inbox address with subject "Take umbrella ^tom 7:30", and this creates task that triggers tomorrow!

Here is sample how several different services may be combined to got new achievements!
Posted at 11:59am on June 26, 2012
mbmccormick says:
Wow, this is awesome. You've got my vote for winner of Tips & Tricks Tuesday!
Posted 5 years ago
lemayp says:
Posted 5 years ago
niemansj says:
Posted 5 years ago
mbmccormick says:
I've shared my recipe from IFTTT that you can use!
Posted 5 years ago
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
Automatic creation of tasks, really smart!
Well worth a mention in Tip & Tricks!
I also like the sharing of recipes in IFTTT.
Posted 5 years ago
kaspernymand says:
I've used IFTTT before, but I've never thought about using it together with RTM.
Smart idea / recipe! +1
Posted 5 years ago
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