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Using RTM to support vocabulary building

mihara.k says:
One of the key things when you learn foreign languages is vocabulary building.
Reviewing the words after you consult a dictionary enables you to remember them well.
So I review the words every weekend and input the words which I don't remember well into my favorite card app.
However, as I've been using iPad as a tool of making the list of the words, I couldn't avoid to forget some words if I don't bring my iPad.
To deal with this problem, recently I came up with an idea to use RTM to help gathering the words.

Here's how:

1.Create the list named "Words"
2.Prepare a mail template like the following:

Subject: [blank] -> Put the word here
To: [My Remember The Milk inbox email address]

Due: Saturday at 9am
List: Words


3.Send an email each time when I refer to my dictionary
4.Review the "Words" list every weekend and create cards in the app if necessary
5.Clear them up from the "Words" list

As emails can be sent from any devices, even if i don't have my iPad or PCs, this idea works well for me.
Posted at 2:08pm on June 22, 2012
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