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Alpha Testing Bug Reports

brennanmeadowcroft says:
I'm a single developer building a fairly small web application. It is in the early stages and I'm just trying to work out all the kinks. I don't have time to manage an entire community like "Get Satisfaction" nor do I have the money (or need at the moment) for an extensive bug tracking system. Instead, I can use a smart list and email to create a defacto bug tracking system.

For early releases with alpha users, I have a bug report form in the application where users can mark down any bugs they find. The email includes the tag for "bug" and a description of the problem. The script on the backend has already assigned the appropriate information for the email like the tag.

From there, it's really easy to create a smart list that gives me a bug list to work through.

I plan on adding a Feature request form that accomplishes the same thing... well, as soon as I take care of the bugs that is.
Posted at 5:00pm on June 19, 2012
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