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Remembering to buy cards and presents for holidays automatically

samiles says:
In order to remember to buy a mothers day card and a valentines gift and send out Christmas cards, etc, I have a list called 'Holidays' which has a number of tasks set up, due usually around a week before the actual holiday, which all repeat yearly.

For example, the task "Buy Valentine's Day gift" is set for two week before Valentine's day and to repeat at that time each year.

Now, I get all the reminders I need to by gifts and cards for holidays and birthdays, with plenty of time to get it done, and no need to keep creating the tasks each year!
Posted at 8:32pm on May 27, 2012
lostintranslatn says:
Love it!
Posted 5 years ago
mel.lightbody says:
I do this for birthdays. I repeat yearly. It has worked very well for several years now.
Posted 5 years ago
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