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exercise / fitness routines review

bhuana says:
Sure someone will have suggested something like this before but just in case, whilst reviewing my latest exercise routine plans i thought i will add a weekly review to see how much i really achieved in the last week. So...

i set up a task "exercise review"
repeats every Sunday

then modified all my tasks already in exercise list to include a time in minutes value, not in the estimate field but in the name
for example Yoga class at gym [60], Cycle to and from work [45]

Then i created the following saved search:

Searched for: list:exercise and status:completed and completedWithin:"1 week of today"

and i can look at that every Sunday - it can either be in my list of lists or as a URL on the exercise review task itself - and i can see how much time i spent exercising this last week

Works, though beware, it can be very sobering if you didn't achieve all you that much :(

i take that as motivation to do more the coming week :)
Posted at 8:57pm on February 26, 2012
mzkynd says:
def. trying this!
Posted 4 years ago
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