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Remember to flip and rotate your mattress

fandelost says:
After reading a tip about how it's recommended to flip your mattress at least four times a year ( I figured that RTM would allow a cleaner way to remember that.

So, these two "smart-lines" should add the necessary tasks:
Flip mattress ^3 months from now *after 6 months
Flip and rotate mattress ^6 months from now *after 6 months

Hope it helps, cheers,
Posted at 6:21pm on February 2, 2012
mankalas says:
You shouldn't need to "flip and rotate" your mattress. every 6 months: Flip -> Rotate -> Flip -> Rotate should do the trick. But yeah, neat trick!
Posted 1 year ago
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
How would you remember if it's time to rotate or flip when the task is due? Remember what you did last time?
Posted 1 year ago
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