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Better Bookmarklet Experience

amirmasoudabdol says:
I use different kind of bookmarklet in my browser like Remember the milk bookmarklet. But I always want to add some extra information specifically web address to my task when I add a task with RTM Bookmarklet.
As all of us know, and most of us mentioned this in Idea polls, this is a big problem of RTM Bookmarklet.
Today, I found a solution for this problem, and I'm going to share it.
I'm using Google Chrome and Firefox browser, and I installed extension for accessing twitter on both of them. In Google Chrome, I installed "Google Share Button" and in Firefox I use "F1". You can install everything you want. For example: ChromeBird.
I think you got the point. I use these twitter extension to send direct message to "rtm". For instance, when I found interesting article, I call one of these extension to share the page and add "d rtm" before any text in the sharing box, and RTM and Twitter do the rest. You can also use Smart Add feature to add more information. Because of the fact that these extension provide the page title and its link, and also they use link shorting feature you always have page link in your RTM tasks.

Good Luck.
Posted at 6:43am on November 1, 2011
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
You could use the mobile site and this bookmarklet to get a better quick add:


You will need to log in to the mobile site every 2-3 weeks.

Read more here:
Posted 7 years ago
carloscadu says:

Is there any way to increase in the script the width of the field "Task name:" and "URL:"?

Posted 2 years ago
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
Some digging in the forums ;-)

There seems to be no way of changing the width of the field themselves, only the window width (250 px).

Also, the notes field is not available. Nor is start date etc.
Finally, there is an error message showing when adding a new task. However, clicking Add task does work anyway.

But for capturing webpages, possibly with selected text becoming the task name, this bookmarklet still works OK.
Posted 2 years ago
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