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CC RTM in your e-mails

aartnicolai Pro says:


Probably 50% of e-mails I sent I need to follow because I want to stay in the loop or I ask someone a question.
I used to sent an e-mail first and followed by entering the task in RTM. These are two steps, one to many ;-)
To solve this I CC (with your personal RTM e-mail address) RTM in the e-mail and add the tag/list and due date if applicable in the subject field. This saves you one step.

Good luck!



Posted at 11:29am on October 4, 2011

raymond.bergmark ProPower Poster says:

Good candidate for Tip-of-the-week! Easy use of RTM functionality.

Posted 4 years ago

tomalexander19 Pro says:

My only issue with this is that I think it's weird to have your hashtags in your email subject, you know? So I end up having to go back in and re-organize after the initial email, which ends up negating some of the time saved.

Posted 2 years ago

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