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RTM wall on Android phones

joooc says:
I use RTM widgets on my Android phone to split the wall to four different areas:

top-left: Today smart list
top-right: "To-Do" - my primary tasks list
bottom-right: Inbox
bottom-left: "Buy" list for items like hangers, toothpaste, present for someone ... and milk of course ;-)

Together, they occupy exactly one of 7 walls available, creating an RTM wall with all the info and controls I need. It's the first wall on the left so basically once I unclock my phone on the go, I only need to swipe once and voila - all the tasks are instantly visible to me at one glance.

It's very practical and fast to see what's there for the day while still having access to all task just a tap away. The "Buy" list is great for checking what I need to buy on my way home or actually when I'm shopping, not to forget anything. Even more, Inbox serves as a perfect Notepad tool for ideas and tasks gathering that I can't process right now but neither I want them to fly away.

The less clicks/taps/swipes I need to access the tool the happier I am :-) This arrangement has helped me to fasten everything to the level of usability that really competes with a sheet of paper and a pen near your bed, to not forget that great vision you just had in your dream ...
My Inbox is just an unlock gesture and a swipe away, sweet dreams :-)
Posted at 12:43pm on September 15, 2011
joooc says:
Forgot to add, the wall is arranged by four RTM (2x2) widgets. They perfectly fit in and are still legible enough. I'd attach a screenshot but don't know an app that does screenshot from non rooted droids. Anyone?

What about your setups?
Posted 8 years ago
ahadmart says:
I actually didn't know the RTM app on Android came with a widget. Doh.

Thank you, now I have a 2x2 RTM widget on my phone, showing "All Tasks". Really nice. Will probably setup something like yours too.

Thanks !
Posted 8 years ago
leah.shalom Power Poster says:

Great idea. I am going to borrow your idea for my XOOM tablet running Android 3.2
Posted 8 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hey joooc,

Great tip!

I just wanted to let you know that you're this week's Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner. We've upgraded your Remember The Milk account to have a free year of Pro. :)
Posted 8 years ago
joooc says:
That's just great! Thank you :-)

Glad to see the idea being useful ...
Posted 8 years ago
wa7eed says:
hi ..

I love RTM ...

but tow things :

1- I use htc with sens rom's and I cant find the RTM in Widget list ...

2- I use RTM on tablet but its not Compatible with Honeycomb and the Widget cant be re-sizable

thank you a lot ....
Posted 8 years ago
nobius says:
brand new to RTM and i love it! i'm only 2 days into my 15 day free trial and i know now i want to pay/continue.
This is the very first tip I’ve read and i already know I just have to do this. Great idea that fits my MO perfectly. have one widget on my TB now, how do i make 4? And have them all different? (prolly easy, I’m early in my learn curve tho).
Thx for the great product and tip!
Posted 8 years ago
brendan says:
Hi nobius,
You can add another widget by going to your device's home screen, then pressing the Menu button. Tap on Add, then on Widgets and select the Remember the Milk widget that you want to see.

Hope that helps!
Posted 8 years ago
evanblackerby says:
That's great! Thanks!
Posted 8 years ago
nobius says:
Hi Brendan,

I have one RTM widget working now. How can i get all 4 on there - with different lists on each? My one widget already has TMI on it!
Still love it! (weird tho, it seem easier to edit tasks on mobile vs PC).

Posted 8 years ago
joooc says:
@nobius - this is how it works on my HTC Desire

On a wall with at least 1/4 of free space:
• tap "+",
• select "Widget" from the options list,
• find "Remember The Milk (2x2)" in the list of widgets and tap on it.

After that a "Widget Settings" window with "Show" selector should appear. There you can select:
• Today
• All tasks
• Specific List
First two options are pretty clear, selecting the third one you will get another select where you can choose for a specific list you want.

Remember, you can only put 4 widgets on one wall when using the (2x2) widget.
Using the (3x3) version there's no more space for another widgets on your wall.
Posted 8 years ago
midkiff says:
Can't tell you how useful that tip was! I'm using that same layout on my phone. Before, RTM was kind of buried with all the other stuff on my phone. Now my GTD has been taken to another level.That ease of review seemed to the the piece I was missing. NOW I'm getting things done.....Thanks so much for sharing.
Posted 8 years ago
kerrpe says:
Re: Screenshots on Android - if your phone supports it, home+power buttons may take a screenshot.
Otherwise, there is no app that successfully does it well without rooting. Some report success with Screen Grabber (not me). I use Screen Shot It, which required me to root, but now I am unrooted and it still works great.
Posted 8 years ago
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