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Evernote integration DIY

ovanrijswijk says:
Evernote integration. It's a popular item on the Idea Forum. You can now do this yourself.

I use RTM each and every day to get my things done. All my reference materials go into Evernote.

For me the perfect Evernote+RTM integration would be a link between a task in RTM and a note in Evernote. Since yesterday I can do just that!

This week Evernote Mac and Evernote Windows were updated with a new feature: Note Links. Now I have my Evernote integration.

This is the howto:

> Add the reference material for a task in RTM into one note in Evernote. A note in Evernote can be a bundle of text, documents and/or multimedia. You can even merge multiple notes into a single note.

> Copy and paste the note link from Evernote and add it to the task in RTM as an URL. You can do this on a Mac or a Windows PC, using the Evernote client and RTM in the browser.

> A click on this URL in RTM opens the specific note in Evernote. Works everywhere! I can do this also on my iPhone and on my iPad.

If you want to link several notes in Evernote to one task in RTM (i.e. a task on your project list), just paste these note links into a RTM note.

See the blog on the new Evernote Note Links:
Posted at 2:37pm on June 17, 2011
parf says:
This helps of course, but the most simple and useful way of integration (create a list in Evernote - then email it to RTM) - is still not working.
Posted 6 years ago
ovanrijswijk says:
If you want to have the same list in both RTM and Evernote, you can email that list to RTM ( ) and c.c. it to your Evernote email address.
Posted 6 years ago
bruno.z.durand says:
Thx a lot, I was looking for that.
Posted 6 years ago
drmud says:
Posted 5 years ago
jonramster says:
This works well as a manual work around.
Posted 5 years ago
janvanderploeg says:
Have applied this tip a few times already. It improves my workflow. So I came back here to say thank you.

Bedankt :)
Posted 5 years ago
madruga77 says:
Veeeery nice! The possibility of linking Task and notes is great! Thank you!
Posted 5 years ago
radefeld says:
Nice one - I missed the updated and have drifted from RTM because of the need to link documents. I'll be employing this to try and rekindle my organization!
Posted 5 years ago
mguice says:
I snagged this tip from you not long after you posted it and it is now a part of my daily routine. Thank you very much
Posted 5 years ago
cotp says:
Great idea but I wonder ovanrijswijk if it is not too much time consuming... :/ do you really manage to do that often ? I am new to evernote and want to use it as GTD, hard to have two systems although I do like RTM a lot. Wish I could manage projects better with RTM...
My question: any idea on how to export RTM task into Evernote easily ?
Posted 5 years ago
thinkinprojects says:
One way to export RTM tasks to Evernote is to use
RTM allows you to create RSS feed for your tasks. You can then set up a ifttt channel to pick up a new RSS item (task) and push it into Evernote.
Posted 5 years ago
bgranewables says:
I was going to complain my notes are not saved automatically when I switch to a different task. But in this way I don´t have that problem. I didn´t like the notes in RTM anyway, so this seems a good workaround.
Posted 5 years ago says:
@thinkinprojects - It's not surprising that you came up with a brilliant idea here. Oh, in case you're wondering what I'm doing here in this forum and not just hanging out in Evernote, it's because - well, it's good to know what's out there! :)
Posted 5 years ago
martinvilange says:
You made my day.
Posted 5 years ago
bsquaredinoz says:
absolutely brilliant - thanks for the tip

Posted 5 years ago
trevordavis74 says:
The end result I want is each morning to wake up and have the tasks of the day automatically populated into an Evernote note from RTM. Is this possible?
Posted 5 years ago
thecookiemomma says:
@trevordavis, could you make a smart list of things due in the next 24 hours, and then use that RSS feed for IFTTT?
Posted 5 years ago
rolandschupp says:
Great little hint, thank you a lot!
Posted 5 years ago
jlwconsult says:
This info is exactly what I was looking for.

I've also been trying to separate my work into the "4 Quadrants" of Steven Covey.

Being more rigorous in prioritizing my tasks in RTM seems to work well for that:

!1 = Quadrant 1
!2 = Quadrant 2
!3 = Quadrant 3
no priority = Quadrant 4

This doesn't give me the visual Quadrant layout, but it gets me close enough!

Thanks, all , for sharing the knowledge!

Posted 5 years ago
davepriley1 says:
Question for anyone who can answer.

I'm running g RTM and Evernote on my Android 4.1 device. When I perform the steps outlined above I can "link" my RTM task with my Evernote note BUT it only opens the Evernote note in my website browser, not my native Evernote app.

Any ideas how I can get this to open directly to my native Evernote app?


Posted 4 years ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi davepriley1,
I'm not sure which version of Evernote/Android supports this (I will double-check) but the note should open in a simplified view where you can view it or edit it, and pressing the Back button would return to Remember The Milk. (Tapping the Evernote logo at the top left will take you to the full app.) Sorry you're not seeing this!
Posted 4 years ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Sorry for the delay in posting back again. 4.1 should indeed work for this, so you may want to make sure you have the latest version of the Evernote app as well.

If it's still not working for you, you may want to remove both Remember The Milk's and Evernote's apps and reinstall them from the Play Store.

Hope that helps!
Posted 4 years ago
davepriley1 says:
Andrew, thanks for looking into this.

I think I into what is causing the issue. It looks like the PC and Mac versions of Evernote create a link which will launch Evernote app which will allow the Evernote note to be modified.

However, the Android Evernote App will only allow a shared (eg read only) to be created.

It appears to be an Evernote issue not an RTM issue.

Posted 4 years ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi davepriley1,
I see what you mean now. I thought you were using our then-very-new Evernote integration and it was bumping you to the web instead of the app (which is what our Android app will do if you don't have the Evernote app installed).

Let us know if you have any further problems with either way of connecting your tasks with your notes!
Posted 4 years ago
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