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Using QR codes to get reminders when you leave the house

justlikegeorge says:
Reminders are great, if you get them at the right time! Leaving the house is one of the most useful times to be reminded of many type of task. Setting-up timed reminders for this event is not ideal, unless you live to a military schedule, of course.

Using your mobile to manually check RTM for tasks as you leave the house seems the most reliable way of getting the reminders you need. Particularly if you tag the tasks with "leaving-home" to help filter your task list down.

To make the process of retrieving your "leaving-home" items easier, I suggest creating a QR code which links to the URL "". Print off the QR code and place it near your door, then on your way out you use the Barcode Scanner on your smartphone to scan the QR code and you'll be taken directly to the list of tasks.

Check out to find out more about QR codes. Then go to to create your own.

I have done the same thing for "leaving work", this is particular useful for "remembering the milk".
Posted at 10:27pm on June 11, 2011
leisawatkins says:
I love this tip!
Posted 6 years ago
quicksite says:
justlikegeorge --nothing like embracing every latest tool.... btw (o/t) have you seen the latest Dutch commemorative coin? -- the actually poured a QR code into the mold -- newest form of money yet -- newer than "Square" creditcard payments.
Posted 6 years ago
nekodojo says:
I don't know if I would use it when I'm leaving the house or work.. I would probably just add a bookmark to that page to my phone. Also, now my iPhone knows when I am leaving the house... hopefully that feature will get synchronized to rtm somehow in the future.

BUT, I would totally see this for checking off recurring tasks, like a qr code that completes a repeating task when and where I complete it.
Posted 5 years ago
patriciabuzios says:
I think this is a great tip. I can't figure out how to put it to work, though. No matter what tab or smart tag I click, the url on my browser stays the same:

How do I get this tag-specific URL?

Posted 5 years ago
lensaffair says:
You need to use the mobile version of RTM:
There you can link directly to tags.

The idea of QR Codes is great. I now keep a QR in my wallet, and when I'm in the supermarket, I can immediately access my grocery list.
Posted 5 years ago
julianlaurie says:
I do something similar using IFTTT and a geo-fence. When I leave home I get an email that has the list of things I need to do 'when I leave' the area.
Posted 2 years ago
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