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propertrampage says:
Anyone using Quicksilver might find this useful. Chances are you've already thought of it anyway but I want to post it to look clever :P

Take your Inbox Email Address and add it to your address book (I called it RTM for quick triggering).

Make sure you have the 'Email To... (Send Directly)' action enabled.

Bring up the Quicksilver dialogue (Ctrl+Space default) then enter text mode (. default) and write an email as you would normally to define an action (To set a subject, type it then add '>>' and to make a new line use Alt+Return).

Press tab and start typing 'Send Directly' until it is selected.

Press tab again and start typing your name for the Inbox Email Address (So, RTM for me) then press enter.

Wait for the swoosh that indicates the email has been sent and voila!

Posted at 11:32am on October 8, 2006
ranbarton Power Poster says:
Absolutely useful. I use Quicksilver all day long, but I know I'm only using its most obvious features. This is a good reminder to me to take more advantage of the many wats QS can be of use beyond its role as an app launcher.
Posted 13 years ago
k7lim says:
I've just started adding gcal events to my calendar using qs. adding todos with qs would be AMAZING
Posted 13 years ago
(closed account) says:
You might also consider the QuickSilver plugin:
Posted 12 years ago
(closed account) says:
Bringing this topic back up, I seem to have lost the ability to email directly from Quicksilver. Latest version installed. I would really love a quicker, easier way to file tasks with tags and due dates and this looks like it.
Posted 11 years ago
(closed account) says:
You can send tasks straight to RTM via Quicksilver without emailing to your account as follows:

Invoke Quicksilver; invoke text mode...type a task; tab to next panel...type to autocomplete "Create Task In"; tab to last panel...type to autocomplete "Whatever Your Desired List Is Named".

*And a neat trick I have not heard mentioned: any task that I type to Quicksilver including a date time format such as...

blah blah blah Apr.12 7:20am

...will schedule the task in RTM accordingly!

Of course, the holy grail would be to assign tags in Quicksilver :)

Posted 11 years ago
leah.shalom Power Poster says:
I love the Quicksilver service and use it when I am on my mac (wish I could do it on the work PC). Does anyone know how to add tags in Quiciksilver?

Thanks RTM for all of the great features and thanks to the RTM community for the great ideas.
Posted 11 years ago
acepelon says:
Did anyone have problems authenticating? I can load the RTM plugin for Quicksilver, and I got to create a task, and it doesn't give me the third pane. It brings up the cow and tells me I haven't authenticated. I know I am being stupid, but what am I missing? I am a QS newb.

Posted 10 years ago
acepelon says:
Nevermind, I found it in the preferences.
Posted 10 years ago
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