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Simple Lotus Notes Intergration and viewing of Tasks and Events

andrew.wilkie says:
The often forgotten Email and Calendar application. Yet it is used extensively in the corporate world.

You can easily view your RTM events within your Lotus Notes calendar.

Although ical has been supported since v6 in Notes/Domino. v8+ is where it really seems to 'work' as it should.

Open up your Lotus Notes Calendar and Remember the Milk Account.

Within RTM go to tasks

Get your ICalendar (Events) Address url.

Within Lotus go into your calendar . In the Show Calendars section.
Add Calendar.
Change the calendar type to ICalendar type
Give it a label and paste in your copied url from above.

Press OK . Job Done

I've already set up a stionery item to email tasks to RTM, so it is all now pretty easy to rock n roll.

N.B. Your administrator may not allow you to hook into Icalendars.

Posted at 8:09am on October 25, 2010
xxdesmus says:
I'm stuck back on Lotus Notes v7 ... wish I could get this working.
Posted 7 years ago
bvg013 says:
You can also add the RTM iGoogle gadget in your Lotus Notes side bar. Works great. NotesR8 and above only. Search Notes help on Google Gadgets.

Dedicated official RTM Eclipse plugin wired to the Notes calendar would be even better.

Also a sync between Lotus Notes ToDos and RTM tasks would be great.

Posted 7 years ago
mylifeisgood says:
where do I find the " show calendars " option ?
Posted 7 years ago
terry_bretz says:
Is there any way to include your RTM credentials? It seems the ical link requires authorization to allow the content to be viewed....
Posted 7 years ago
(closed account) says:
On Notes 8.5.x I opened my calendar, then in the left sidebar there is a section called "Show Calendars", underneath which click "Add a Calendar"

This opens the Add a Calendar dialog. Change the first combo to 'iCalendar feed' and then select 'A private calendar'.

I filled out my details but Notes reports

"The content of this URL does not conform to the iCalendar parsing specification."

Posted 6 years ago
matpj says:
I also get the above, can anybody suggest why?
Posted 6 years ago
(closed account) says:
on v8.5, this should work - I've put my ical feed as a public link - I didn't use a login credential for this.

I assume that the cal link is long and complex enough not to need one
Posted 5 years ago
morris.john.o says:
I'm running Notes 8.5.2. I added RTM as "A private calendar", put in my RTM user name and password, and then added the RTM "events" link as the URL but had to change the link from "webcal://...." to "https://...." to get it to work.
Posted 5 years ago
petdij says:
I tried the solution from andrew.wilkies and now there is an connection.
It seems that Lotus does not update the task from RTM.

Any ideas?
Posted 5 years ago
sonyasinglee says:
I added it as an iGoogle Gadget in the Sidebar as per bvg013. Works really well, particularly with smart add syntax. Only issue I have with it now is that I need to resize the height from the default 200px and I haven't yet figured out how to do that...
Posted 5 years ago
rustyellis says:
Changing the "webcal" to "https" worked for me as well. Woohoo!!!
Posted 4 years ago
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