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Editing Complete date

cmkapp says:
I'm trying to figure out how to edit the complete date. The only post I see on the topic was three years ago and as far as I can tell it is still not editable. Ugh! Often times I am not able to update RTM on the date the item is completed, but I do want to be able to track what I do in a day. Is this going to be corrected?

Posted at 7:35pm on October 3, 2010
janet.hall.wnc says:
this would really be nice.
Posted 7 years ago
brian.salmon says:
I would like this feature too.
Posted 7 years ago
geoffkrie says:
I would also welcome this feature.
Posted 7 years ago
clayton.blackburn says:
I suspect that this is a system-generated field that can corrupt the database if made "user-editable". Hopefully the programmers can change the database management system coding so that this field is completely user-provided, not populated by an event at all. I agree that the non-editable date field is about the only thing I don't love in this service.
Posted 6 years ago
mauchjim says:
Definitely a needed feature. This is a problem.
Posted 6 years ago
gerardo.casciani says:
It would be very useful
Posted 5 years ago
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