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Printable Keyboard Shortcut & Search Term quick reference

traycerb says:
I made a clean printable version of the shortcuts and search terms as a Word document. sharing it here in case anyone else wants it. now i really don't need it anymore, but at the beginning it was very useful. find it here:
Posted at 2:04am on September 20, 2010
anna.santos says:
Posted 7 years ago
lemayp says:
Pretty nice. Thanks for sharing. One suggestion would be to convert your document to PDF as word format would change from one environment to another (I had to "play" with the file since the formatting was not perfect once in my Word 2007). I would suggest the Nitro Pdf reader program that, amoung other things, add a PDF printer, i.e. you print to the new device and this create a new pdf file..

Thanks for sharing, very useful.
Posted 7 years ago
traycerb says:
good idea. uploaded here:
Posted 7 years ago
zsecunix says:
Huh... Can u upload it again?
The file isn't found on the server.

Many thx
Posted 6 years ago
dlebauer says:
not sure but they can be found here:
Posted 5 years ago
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