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More self-discipline: Combining leechblock and rtm

patch says:

there is a nice add-on for firefox called leechblock. You can use it to block websites either during time intervals (let's say, from 10 am to 4 pm) or after spending too much time on the website (let's say 20 minutes on your favorite online chess website). You can also decide where the tool will direct you instead when you try to access a website during forbidden times. Now I have chosen, for example, that leechblock will not allow me to go to twitter during work times - instead it will redirect me to rtm, reminding me to get things done instead of procrastinating.

Posted at 10:31am on August 30, 2010
sergio_guerrero says:
I love this tip! Thanks
Posted 7 years ago
traycerb says:
been using leechblock for years and never knew it could do this!

To this day, I'm always a little surprised when I don't realize the time has expired and the screen blanks and goes the the Leechblock page.
Posted 7 years ago
anna.santos says:

I will have to look up that website. It will be a good way of letting my kids know when they have had enough computer games.
Posted 7 years ago
patch says:
Yay :-)
Posted 7 years ago
dismory says:
There is a similar extension on Chrome called StayFocused.

link here:
Posted 7 years ago
benjamin.jung82 says:
Best tip in month :-) Thank you very much!
Posted 6 years ago
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