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Outlook Templates and Launchy

veracity says:
I use Windows and Outlook at work. In order to get the Spotlight-like power I adore on my Mac, I've taken to Launchy.

I've been using Launchy's Runner plugin to add individual tasks to RTM. But, I love the post-it-like ability to shoot off a whole list to RTM in an email, as well. So, to get that functionality into my Launchy workflow, I simply created an Outlook template, saved it in one of the folders Launchy catalogs, and added the Outlook template extension *.oft to the file types Launchy catalogs.

Now, no matter what program is in front of me, I can hit ALT+Space, the template name, and start entering items in the list. It's great for that phone call from the boss or as a way to get those nagging items on to a to-do list and out of my head to get my focus back to the task at hand.
Posted at 6:55pm on July 24, 2010
veracity says:
I should also mention that I was inspired by this tip using GMail's canned responses:
Posted 7 years ago
mccarthyand says:
Could you please explain this in more detail. It sounds great but I am not familiar with Launchy or Outlook Templates?
Posted 7 years ago
mattrix007 says:
This uses Gmail, Launchy and Windows Scripting Host...

Posted 3 years ago
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