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Real overdue tasks search/smartlist

gamma3000 says:
I've found the standard recommended search of "dueBefore:today" for overdue tasks doesn't actually work. If a task was due at 10am today, but it's now noon, it doesn't get picked up by that search.

A real search for overdue tasks that picks up all overdue tasks and nothing else is this: "dueBefore:today OR (dueBefore:now AND dueAfter:today)"
Posted at 2:02pm on July 16, 2010
iamluke says:
The most common starting point for planning what you're going to do today is to look at those tasks you should have done already, but haven't.

RTM thoughtfully allows you to see Overdue tasks in the Overview page, but it is really irritating to have to open each task in turn to plan a new due date/delete it etc.

This functionality should be provided by the dueBefore: search operator, but by filtering out due dates in the past dueBefore: becomes essentially pointless.

RTM - shame on you for leaving this seemingly simple bug un-fixed for so long! when will we have a solution?

@gamma3000 - the real search for overdue tasks should be:
"dueBefore:today AND status:incomplete" or it would pick up everything you've ever done

Posted 8 years ago
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
I totally disagree.

The dueBefore search operator doesn't filter out due dates in the past, quite the opposite in fact. Also, there's no need to include the status:incomplete in the searches, actually there's no way to see incomplete and completed tasks at the same time in RTM.

So I don't see what the bug is and why RTM is to blame?

The best search for overdue tasks is dueBefore:Now.
Posted 8 years ago
ofire says:
Does dueBefore:Now work??
Posted 8 years ago
(closed account) says:
It works for me at least :) .dueBefore:now is exactly what i was looking for. Thanks for suggesting it.
Posted 8 years ago
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