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Technical User Support (Part Time)

Do you enjoy helping people? Are you an enthusiastic Remember The Milk user who's familiar with all of its crazy features? Do you have the technical skills to investigate and resolve bug reports? This might be the position for you!

What does the Technical User Support position involve?

You'll be helping users who are experiencing problems with Remember The Milk products (including web, mobile, and desktop apps). The issues you'll investigate are wide and varied: one minute you might be assisting a user with a simple login problem, the next you could be reviewing a bug report and working with engineers to find out why an app crashes when there's a solar flare*.

You'll be communicating with users through our email support system, forums, Facebook, and Twitter. You'll also be working with engineers and product managers to achieve our goal of making Remember The Milk users happy, organized, and productive (our favourite user states :). This is a part-time (20 hours/week), “work from anywhere” position (Earth-dwellers only, please).

An ideal candidate has:

  • Passion for task management (and is an enthusiastic Remember The Milk user!).
  • Excellent communication skills, with awesome writing skills.
  • Borderline magical troubleshooting skills, and ability to take initiative in identifying, analysing, and resolving problems.
  • Minimum of one year's experience in written customer support, preferably with a technical focus.
  • Experience writing technical documentation and user-facing documentation.
  • Enthusiasm for team work, and ability to effectively communicate with fellow team members.
  • A sense of humour, and tolerance for our selective British English spelling (of which there are several examples on this page alone).
  • Passion for all things web and mobile!

How to apply

Interested in this position? Please email with the subject "Technical User Support (Part Time)". Please tell us a little bit about yourself, the days of week and times you're available (this is a part-time, 20 hours/week position), and include your resume as well as the following three writing samples:

  • Explain in 3 paragraphs or less what Smart Lists are, and why a user might be interested in using them.
  • A user is experiencing a problem with the web app only partially loading. Respond to the user suggesting that they clear their cache (feel free to include any other troubleshooting steps you think might help them).
  • A user wants to use our iPhone app, but only has iOS 10. Respond to the user that iOS 11 or above is required.

* Solar flares don't have that much effect on task management apps. Usually.