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Started by milhose96 Web app93 comments

Contacts integration

Started by apbwolf iPhone app19 comments

Floating tasks, i.e. if you don't complete the task on its due date, the due date automatically rolls onto the next day

Started by jamezzz Web app9 comments

Windows Phone 8 app

Started by shalgrim New apps54 comments

Customize the order of lists and Smart Lists

Started by mkaub iPhone app9 comments

Option to 'undo' actions

Started by kristian.mong Android app2 comments

Link to create a Evernote note from Remember The Milk

Started by ralfvd Evernote12 comments

Show a URL icon when a task has a URL

Started by ndurant Web app7 comments

Share tags between Evernote Reminders and Remember The Milk

Started by jumpnett Evernote34 comments

Redesigned UI for the web app

Started by oron.mizrachi Web app24 comments

Ability to modify one instance of a repeating task, without altering the rest (e.g. change priority on the first instance only)

Started by pstoffel Web app4 comments

Swipe left and right to change list (while in task list view)

Started by hagglelad Android app8 comments

Ability to unshare a list

Started by apgordon Web app30 comments

After completing a task, return to the list

Started by jaap.kramer Android app2 comments

Support for wildcards in searches

Started by johnfoland Web app33 comments

Automatically schedule tasks as events in Google Calendar

Started by chzumbrunnen New integrations12 comments

Option to hide the Sent list

Started by justin.baeder Web app80 comments

Customize reminders for specific lists/tags

Started by xynetha Reminders30 comments

Drag and drop to reorder tasks

Started by braden iPhone app3 comments

Show number of tasks in the list tabs

Started by ebukva Web app15 comments