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Ability to reorder notes

houweb says:

i would find it really useful to be able to re-order notes attached to tasks - some kind of easy drag and drop? es possible?

(by the way, i've used loads of other task listing services, and i just keep coming back to rtm, because it does what i need, and does it simply and elegantly - thanks!)

Posted at 9:07am on May 16, 2007

nicoledbeer says:

I've used RTM some time ago, then stopped using it, recently came back to it and absolutely LOVE it. The only thing that I really miss is the ability to sort notes alphabetically, or by drag and drop. So I second your request!

Posted 7 years ago

garyjoy says:

I often find myself making random changes to a note to make sure it stays at the top of the list. I'd be more than happy with the ability to apply priorities to notes...

Posted 4 years ago

gavin.r.murphy Pro says:

Agree with this completely. I need to be able to sequence notes manually to over-ride the default sequence of most recently updated at the top.

Posted 4 years ago

sheilarocha. says:

Quando eu edito uma nota mais antiga, ela automaticamente passa a ser a primeira da lista. Eu gostaria de manter a ordem, mesmo editando para que seja possível corrigir ou complementar aquela nota sem muda-la de lugar.

Posted 3 years ago

sheilarocha. says:

When I edit a past note, it, automatically shows in first order of the list. I would like remain the order when I need correct or introduce new information in that note.

Posted 3 years ago

pastor.terryp Pro says:

Even being able to prioritize would help. 1-4 like a task


Posted 2 years ago

allanchester says:

I agree 100%, need to have the function to reorder notes

Posted 2 years ago

oliverconroy Pro says:

I'd really like to see this too. I've gotten into using RTM much more of late and the way I'm using it right now involves creating many notes that I'd like to be able to drag into an order of my choice.

Posted 1 year ago

dominic.spachmann Pro says:

same here!

Posted 1 year ago

gregchesney Pro says:

Ditto on being able to change to order of notes.

Posted 1 year ago

jameyers4 Pro says:

Please count me in on changing note order / sorting.

Posted 9 weeks ago

robfreundlich Pro says:

Count me in, too. I have a list set up as "Today's agenda", and I'd like to be able to arrange the items on it in the order I want to do them. Even being able to just roughly arrange them into morning, afternoon, and evening would be helpful.

This is different from Priority, because that is "how important is this item?"

I'm currently using due time to do the ordering, but then I get notifications, which I don't want.

Posted 3 days ago

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