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Calendar picker for due dates

silbi says:

If you want to change the due date of a task you have to manually type it in instead of having a date picker like on rememberthemilk.com

This is frustrating as it is better to choose the date form a calendar control.

Posted at 2:39pm on March 17, 2011

brendan Pro says:

Thanks for your feedback! We appreciate it.

Posted 4 years ago

azclaire Pro says:

Yes yes yes! This drives me crazy!

Posted 4 years ago

david.hole says:

This gets my vote!

Posted 4 years ago

moliv says:

Very important feature.
I couldn't believe it was not possible to pick the date when I first tried it.

Posted 4 years ago

david.a.cohen says:

While it was a bit of a schock, I've come to really appreciate the natural language data entry (e.g. "Friday" or "every month"). When combined with keyboard shortcuts, the interface becomes amazingly fast and intuitive. Well done!

One thing I might do is make the documentation of this feature more prominent, as it took me several minutes of staring with disbelief at the lack of a pop-up calendar before I found it.

Posted 4 years ago

george3k says:

yes please add this feature! something as simple as a calendar makes a huge difference in speeding up the process to get something into the tasks or modifying an existing one.

Posted 4 years ago

danrtalley Pro says:

I love RTM, but the lack of setting a due date via a calendar seems like such an obvious oversight since it's available almost everywhere else that I select dates for things to occur. Don't get me wrong, I love being able to set due dates with Natural Language and regular date syntax, but a calendar would be really handy, too...

Posted 3 years ago

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