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Support for notes

Started by john.schauer Gmail add-on7 comments

MilkSync improvements.

Started by zubairk MilkSync for Windows Mobile1 comment

Run a contest for API developers

Started by eyals General0 comments

Option to specify that a repeat cannot occur on a weekend (e.g. if a bill is due every 30 days, but if the 30 days end on a weekend, the billing date is the following Monday)

Started by hellata Web app1 comment

Netvibes module - username/password built-in?

Started by nathanpeterson netvibes1 comment

Ability to sort lists

Started by pixelwiz Mobile version3 comments

Keyboard shortcut for creating a new list

Started by mike.payne Web app4 comments

Add tasks by SMS

Started by michaelcaruso New integrations9 commentsAnswered

Ability to 'fail' a task

Started by ninechars Web app4 comments

Send an email to request a response with today's tasks

Started by ujohnc00 Email2 comments

Sunbird sync

Started by noumenontruth New integrations1 comment

Support for Growl reminders

Started by stephen.chai Reminders3 comments

iPhone Multiple Line Task Names

Started by moheybee 0 comments

Show tags in the list view

Started by krithix Gmail add-on1 comment

Show completed tasks

Started by gtmedley Gmail add-on3 comments

Due date spans, e.g. make tasks due anytime this week

Started by d3a1i0 Web app4 comments

Group by list name

Started by tronash Gmail add-on8 comments

Ability to share tasks

Started by tim.sietman Gmail add-on2 comments

Show an icon in the list when a task is shared

Started by flavio.marigliano Web app1 comment

Default settings for new tasks

Started by jkorn Web app8 comments