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Show a notes icon when a task has notes

Started by jamezzz iGoogle gadget5 comments

Sort by random order

Started by trustin Web app2 comments

Ability to quickly switch lists

Started by ranbarton iGoogle gadget5 comments

Ability to see a recent action history, and optionally 'undo' actions

Started by johnfoland Web app1 comment

Include notes in the print view

Started by clientcontrol Web app88 comments

Ability to print multiple lists at one time

Started by jjeudymd Web app4 comments

Hide tasks until a certain date

Started by wbarthol Web app15 comments

Include 'list' in the task details box on the right

Started by rtmraphael Web app2 comments

Ability to complete tasks in one click

Started by didaio Web app7 comments

Option to search both the forums and blog

Started by angela.randall General6 comments

Ability to skip the Overview screen, but still see the news announcements

Started by johnfoland Web app0 comments

Ability to add to Smart Lists and inherit properties

Started by johnfoland iGoogle gadget4 comments

Pro-only forums

Started by johnfoland General3 comments

WordPress plugin to display tasks

Started by shescraps New integrations4 comments

Option to send the weekly planner in a reminder email

Started by polrber182 Reminders10 comments

Instead of blue checkmarks on every day, show different color icons depending on whether tasks are due

Started by jbensley Google Calendar10 commentsAnswered

Keyboard shortcut for 'more actions'

Started by fang.langford Web app3 comments

Add 'sentFrom' to search operators (e.g. 'sentFrom:user')

Started by caregiver_creator Web app3 comments

Prioritize based on factors like how complicated the task is, and how much time it will take

Started by ascaaear Web app14 comments

Calendar view

Started by chris.e Web app31 commentsAnswered