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iPhone: Sort Lists by Due Date

Started by dustinaskins 1 comment

Display the name of the user who completed a shared task

Started by ritaly Web app2 comments

Return to 'Add Task' page after a task is added

Started by les.fister Bookmarklet0 comments

Include URL to email when adding from Gmail

Started by nathan.yergler Gmail add-on14 comments

Task Complete Option on iPhone

Started by marksquared 6 comments

Gmail add-on for Safari

Started by canelson Gmail add-on5 comments

Ability to sync Smart Lists

Started by scm910 MilkSync for BlackBerry5 comments

Show completed tasks in the same list view

Started by richard.tea Web app133 comments

Integrate more with Gmail labels (so when viewing messages with a label in Gmail, show tasks with that tag in Remember The Milk)

Started by redviper Gmail add-on1 comment

Option to show all tasks with a due date

Started by ragdoll iGoogle gadget1 comment

Show webpage titles for the URL field (e.g. for an Amazon URL, instead of showing the ugly URL, show the name of the book)

Started by daniel.schierbeck Web app0 comments

view task with tags on iphone

Started by ladalske 2 comments

Show tasks due in the future in the daily gadget

Started by darrenmwalker Google Calendar0 comments

Customize which list tabs are shown on the Overview screen

Started by folley.john Web app1 comment

ScheduleWorld sync

Started by allspiritseve New integrations7 comments

Gmail add-on for Prism

Started by teich Gmail add-on20 comments

Default priority level setting

Started by notyourbroom Web app5 comments

Highrise integration

Started by rabkin New integrations31 comments

Smart list iPhone interface

Started by robertbasil 0 comments

Option to display tasks grouped by list

Started by madsb iGoogle gadget1 comment