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Specify a user to share with when emailing in a task

Started by arnoudscheer Email0 comments

Thinking Rock sync

Started by eric.brener New integrations0 comments

Publish/embed your task list into a webpage

Started by nadrik44 New integrations0 comments

Show the time estimate in the task list

Started by gabriela.gibson Web app9 comments

Set rules for reminders (e.g., send to phone if priority 3, send to email if priority 2, etc)

Started by dmrosenthal Reminders7 comments

netvibes module suggestion

Started by nletcher netvibes0 comments

Add a search box

Started by bradb iGoogle gadget4 comments

Ability to 'star' tasks

Started by tvjames Web app4 comments

Plaxo contact sync

Started by remiforall New integrations61 comments

Facebook integration

Started by mystwillow New integrations31 comments

Print the date/time the list was printed

Started by jfanow Web app4 comments

Ability to 'email this list' to an external email address

Started by houweb Email8 comments

Ability to reorder notes

Started by houweb Web app14 comments

Ability to email non-members with shared tasks and lists

Started by emeraldconsulting Web app6 comments

Show where you are in the list (e.g. 'Displaying tasks 11-20 of 80')

Started by rob.davis Mobile version1 comment

Allow others to contribute to public lists

Started by fireweed Web app0 comments

Integration with other tagging web applications (, Flickr, YouTube)

Started by rob.davis New integrations0 comments

Import tasks in iCalendar format

Started by revox Web app3 comments

Add tasks by phone call

Started by tobiaspj New integrations2 comments

Sync with locations saved in 'My Maps' for Google Maps

Started by bjhexom New integrations4 comments