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Bug tracker integration

Started by jyrinx New integrations5 comments

Snooze option

Started by monkey.boy Reminders7 comments

Link the Gmail icon to view the email (not open a response)

Started by jjwhite Gmail add-on5 comments

Create tasks from emails using other Gmail interfaces

Started by jjwhite Gmail add-on2 commentsAnswered

'Inbox' Link at main menu-iPhone

Started by lightstorm 2 comments

iPhone and Ipod iTouch - postponing task

Started by dmd1272 3 comments

Show tags on the Overview screen

Started by paul.stork Web app1 comment

Symbian app

Started by marcelomanzo New apps752 comments

Allow multiple locations for one task

Started by mahinirb Web app93 comments

Import contacts from Outlook

Started by anotherbeachbum New integrations0 comments

Import contacts from Gmail

Started by davebc New integrations10 comments

Gmail add-on for IE

Started by bpatil Gmail add-on13 comments

Menu button on all pages - iPhone

Started by lightstorm 1 comment

Gantt charts

Started by ole.clausen Web app35 comments

Ability to click a tag in the tag cloud, hold the shift key, then click more tags to append to the search

Started by rick.franklin Web app8 comments

Allow uppercase characters in tag names (case sensitive tags)

Started by tzortea Web app9 comments

When in a list, only show the tags used in that list in the tag cloud

Started by drkibzzz Web app8 comments

Ability to share Smart Lists

Started by wss7932 Web app104 commentsAnswered

New repeat option: every end of month -[number] days (e.g. 'every end of month -2 days', for a repeat relative to the end of the month)

Started by mdcowles Web app0 comments


Started by danielpataki Web app123 comments