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Ability to see the total time estimated for selected tasks

Started by mmartel Web app2 comments

Ability to set a default location per list

Started by john.brady Web app4 comments

Quick add from the desktop

Started by morisimo New integrations7 comments

OpenID support

Started by General89 comments

Nokia tasks sync

Started by nohant New integrations25 comments

Show the total time estimated for completed tasks

Started by guryushika Web app2 comments

Dynamic priorities (automatically increase priority as the due date approaches)

Started by linickx Web app7 comments

Add a 'cost' field for tasks

Started by freesia.giedrys Web app5 comments

Inherit task properties when adding to Smart Lists

Started by whibs Mobile version4 comments

Add a rich text editor for notes

Started by jefftheg Web app5 comments

Support for Textile in notes

Started by bsolon Web app7 comments

Interact with tasks via SMS

Started by dgcombs New integrations3 comments

Clickable URL field for tasks

Started by robin.carriere iGoogle gadget3 comments

Import contacts from email providers

Started by yittrium39 New integrations0 comments

MindManager integration

Started by road2ruin New integrations52 comments

Add button to test reminders to mobile phone

Started by pekka.gaiser Reminders1 comment

Mylyn (Eclipse) integration

Started by boglesby New integrations6 comments

Option to disable grouping by due date

Started by johnfoland iGoogle gadget0 comments

Highlight tasks that are overdue

Started by developer.indian iGoogle gadget1 comment

Ability to edit completed tasks

Started by vince.luff Web app25 comments