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Ability to delete tasks

Started by debby.hallett iGoogle gadget7 comments

Export tasks to SQLite file

Started by prem18 Web app0 comments

Search operator for tasks connected with emails (from Gmail add-on)

Started by steve.bragg Web app2 comments

More sorting options

Started by Gmail add-on2 comments

New search operator: numTags (to search for tasks with a specific number of tags)

Started by prem18 Web app0 comments

Windows Vista Sidebar gadget

Started by luca01 New integrations17 comments

After adding a task, return cursor to the entry field

Started by craig.worth Gmail add-on0 comments

Option to show the tasks pane on the left in Gmail

Started by morockin Gmail add-on6 comments

Salesforce integration

Started by jjwhite New integrations67 comments

Remember login for longer

Started by ruadog Web app0 comments

Improvements to iPhone web app

Started by trevor.caswell 0 comments

Allow spaces in tag names

Started by jfk Web app5 comments

Add 'with' as a keyword when connecting tasks with contacts

Started by tbuman Gmail add-on0 comments

Ability to link contacts and tasks

Started by sweens Web app2 comments

New due date format: last [day name] (e.g. 'last monday')

Started by cleomedes Web app0 comments

Share: Lists

Started by bretep 0 comments

TomTom GPS integration

Started by bbeetle New integrations0 comments

Ability to 'SMS this list' to your phone

Started by bbeetle Web app0 comments

One-click setup for Getting Things Done (GTD) system

Started by stormlifter Web app8 comments

Preferred connections for MilkSync

Started by p.dade MilkSync for Windows Mobile0 comments