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Customize which list tabs are shown on the Overview screen

Started by folley.john Web app1 comment

ScheduleWorld sync

Started by allspiritseve New integrations7 comments

Gmail add-on for Prism

Started by teich Gmail add-on20 comments

Default priority level setting

Started by notyourbroom Web app5 comments

Highrise integration

Started by rabkin New integrations31 comments

Smart list iPhone interface

Started by robertbasil 0 comments

Option to display tasks grouped by list

Started by madsb iGoogle gadget1 comment

Auto-archive old tasks

Started by alex.vasenin Web app1 comment

Include location in the Location field in the iCalendar feed

Started by janastasios Web app1 comment

Option to include alarms in the iCalendar feed

Started by pfeff Web app10 comments

Ability to quickly add just a task name

Started by cintra Mobile version0 comments

Smaller iPhone Text Size

Started by brianmitchell 3 comments

Show tags in the Weekly Planner

Started by omer.zach Web app3 comments

Ability to link multiple emails/contacts to existing tasks

Started by marcelo.ueda Gmail add-on2 comments

Option to include notes in email reminders

Started by andrewski Reminders4 comments

Show tags in the list view

Started by davosmith iGoogle gadget2 comments

Link an existing task to a Gmail email

Started by cpeikert Gmail add-on8 comments

2-way task note synchronisation in milksync please

Started by ryan.behrman MilkSync for Windows Mobile2 comments

Customize reminders for specific lists/tags

Started by xynetha Reminders30 comments

Gmail add-on for Mailplane

Started by joshmchugh Gmail add-on20 comments