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Ability to unshare a list

Started by apgordon Web app30 comments

Support for wildcards in searches

Started by johnfoland Web app33 comments

Option to hide the Sent list

Started by justin.baeder Web app80 comments

Show number of tasks in the list tabs

Started by ebukva Web app15 comments

Make 'delete' a button instead of an option in 'more actions'

Started by krohn Web app2 comments

Show number of days remaining, in addition to the due date

Started by bob.cayne Web app1 comment

Include tags in the print view

Started by ccaine Web app72 comments

Ability to create a note when adding with Smart Add

Started by ali.aliev Web app57 comments

Show list name in Smart Lists

Started by adambox Web app16 comments

Color code tasks by which list they belong to

Started by john.farrell Web app4 comments

In addition to Complete and Postpone, a 'Follow Up' option (marks a task complete and creates a new task to follow up at a future date)

Started by chris.mendoza Web app2 comments

Customizable priority colors

Started by blue Web app86 comments

One-click setup for Getting Things Done (GTD) system

Started by stormlifter Web app8 comments

Group by due date

Started by zoltanf Web app2 comments

Make the note icon clickable

Started by ckpinguin Web app3 comments

New repeat option: first [day] in [month] (e.g. 'second monday in january')

Started by nathan.bell Web app4 comments

New repeat option: every month on the last weekday

Started by scottie_t Web app1 comment

Add more priority levels

Started by gmalone Web app21 comments

Add 'listContains' to search operators

Started by dustinblack Web app88 comments

Ability to specify exceptions for repeating tasks (e.g. 'every day except sunday' or 'every month except july')

Started by ashkey Web app3 comments