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Print the Weekly Planner for a specific list

vidal says:

I would appreciate the possibility to print a weekly planner for a specified task or a specified list (layout of weekly planner, selection: task).

Posted at 1:41pm on April 5, 2007

sharyn.salmon says:

Yes I agree, I have posted the very same thing tonight prior to see your post.

Posted 8 years ago

andrew.cheung says:

I second this...it'd be nice to have something ala Todoist, or even just like the Google Personalised Page Module but in a easy, printable form.

Posted 8 years ago

esasse says:

It would be useful for me too.

Posted 4 years ago

justpeyton4now says:

I would like to see this too, very useful.

Posted 4 years ago

felixc says:

While I like managing the overall list online, I like having a print version of the week or day to stay focused.

Posted 3 years ago

tomjefferys says:

This would be very handy.

Posted 3 years ago

mmartin says:

Same here. Please.

Posted 3 years ago

psionmr Pro says:

I would like this too! And to have the possibility to print the notes for a Task with it.

Posted 2 years ago

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