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Ability to complete tasks in one click

didaio says:

I want complete task in one click (for now - 2 is needed).
Please make interface more friendly :)

Posted at 9:19am on September 6, 2007

gondwana says:

I love this idea. I've mentioned this before in another thread, but this would save so much more time.

Posted 8 years ago

jjeudymd says:

Don't forget the keyboard shortcuts!
Just click 'c' and it completes the task. Also works if you have multiple tasks checked. One keystroke completes them all...

Unfortunately the keystroke adds an extra half-second ;)

Posted 8 years ago

didaio says:

jjeu, before I can click "c" I should check task.

Posted 8 years ago

rspoonz says:

Can't believe anyone is that busy!

Posted 8 years ago

tromboneal says:

Has this still not been implemented, four years later?

Posted 3 years ago

rbalch says:

Agree. I find the select then act mechanism a mixed blessing. I would really like to move the arrow, hit c or 1,2 or 3 and have the action performed. The current way things are drives me nuts.

Posted 2 years ago

richellemf says:

Especially in the android version. I can deal with it on the web app but on my phone I would like to see something like a checkbox/swipe option.

Posted 2 years ago

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