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Auto-inherit properties when adding to Smart Lists

Started by xuboxin Gmail add-on2 comments

Support for keyboard shortcuts

Started by red197 Gmail add-on0 comments

Support for notes

Started by john.schauer Gmail add-on7 comments

Ability to respond to reminder emails to complete, postpone, etc

Started by patrick.nickles Reminders10 comments

Ability to delete tasks

Started by apgordon Gmail gadget7 comments

Ability to see a recent action history, and optionally 'undo' actions

Started by johnfoland Web app1 comment

Pro subscription reminders

Started by warrenski General8 comments

When signing up to Pro, the subscription should start at the end of the trial period

Started by devotee101 General0 comments

Ability to set default task properties per list

Started by wbarthol Web app3 comments

Webhooks, so we can add our own functionality

Started by howthebodyworks General14 comments

Import tasks in iCalendar format

Started by revox Web app3 comments

iOS Reminders app integration

Started by mikael.hardy New integrations5 comments

Support for sending and sharing tasks with other users

Started by shahineo iPhone app9 comments

Display which sort is currently used

Started by gus333 Web app0 comments

Customize the number of hours in a work day, so the total time estimate can show number of working days

Started by Web app1 comment

Show more than 10 tasks on a page

Started by gormac Mobile version3 comments

Add an 'x' to clear the search box

Started by chachikruel Web app0 comments

Customize which list tabs are shown on the Overview screen

Started by folley.john Web app1 comment

Bring IFTTT Integration (2016)

Started by winterjoey New integrations7 comments

Customize how many days of tasks are shown (instead of 7 days)

Started by starlyth Gmail gadget7 comments