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Highlight tasks that are overdue

developer.indian says:

The wonderful objective of RTM is to help users complete their tasks in time and you have helped us to view the Tasks in iGoogle. However, If a task is to be completed after 15 days and time to complete it is 15 days, then that Task is due for Action-to-start from today. In iGoogle, by the time it shows up, it would be too late to complete the task in time! So I request the excellent Authors of this wonderful product to help me view the 'Tasks where Action start is due or overdue' in iGoogle, under a separate heading or with a color code or in some way you think is best. In case, if this feature is already present, then please guide me to use it in iGoogle. Thanks.

Posted at 7:31am on July 2, 2007

jared.cherup says:

I think Overdue Tasks should be RED! To alert you to their overdueness... rather than just underlined.

Posted 8 years ago

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