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Ability to attach picture (gallery / camera)

rks616 Pro says:

I'd like to see the ability to attach a picture from a gallery or take a new one using the camera (on the phone obviously).
When dealing with concert-tickets, pre-written post-its and whatnot, it would be very valuable to have the option of attaching such a picture to a task.

This is something I strongly recommend for integration on the web- and mobile-app.

Posted at 8:53am on June 15, 2011

nr1 Pro says:

this would be quite helpful also e.g. when seeing a poster or sth similar while out and about and setting a reminder to check this thing out later at home.

Posted 4 years ago

matt.gillette says:

I wanted this feature to record gifts into a list for sending out thank you notes.

Posted 4 years ago

xufeng0325 says:

This is really a good idea. If RTM has this feature, it will be no necessary for me to use evernote.

Posted 2 years ago

brennint Pro says:

love this idea!!! bump!

Posted 1 year ago

p1hausman says:

A picture is worth 1 thousand words when describing a task to someone else

Posted 5 months ago

almostgreen Pro says:

i agree. essential!

Posted 4 months ago

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