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Quick complete via checkboxes

oleolo says:

Another suggestion to speed up mobile use. Imagine you are on the road and get a lot of things done (shopping e.g.). Marking things as completed is quite tedious. You have to open the individual task, click "Complete", wait, click "Back to ..." and so on.

Here comes a mockup of a small change to the interface which would make this so much easier. I would love to see this in m.

Current layout:


Posted at 7:42am on September 21, 2007

jtgott says:

sounds great to me as well.

Posted 8 years ago

phouweling Pro says:

Yes, I would really like to see this implemented

Posted 4 years ago

larchense says:

A basic obvious feature that is totally ignored!

Posted 4 years ago

loretta.budd says:


Posted 4 years ago

cheryl.fellows Pro says:

iPad needs checkboxes so we can complete or postpone multiple items at once. Should be the same user experience for those of us who are addicted to the check mark. The boxes could be color coded to keep the priority/save space.

Posted 3 years ago

lexxd says:

yes yes yes!!!!!!!!! great idea

Posted 3 years ago

milkmaid88 says:

Please please add this feature if nothing else.

Posted 2 years ago

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