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Drag and drop tasks on a calendar interface to change due dates

Started by pbeens Web app6 comments

A daily planner (in addition to the weekly planner)

Started by mikemking Web app2 comments

Timer to record time spent on tasks

Started by whall Web app5 comments

Support for virtual locations (e.g. 'office', 'kitchen')

Started by tandoor Web app11 comments

Autosave notes

Started by brian.bubnash Web app7 comments

Ability to create new lists from the Tasks screen

Started by rebelm Web app12 comments

An easy way to remove tags from tasks

Started by simeons Web app11 comments

Ability to complete tasks in one click

Started by didaio Web app7 comments

New repeat option: every month on the 1st weekday

Started by dringerb Web app2 comments

Support for bullets in notes

Started by waynedunkley Web app6 comments

Dynamic priorities (automatically increase priority as the due date approaches)

Started by linickx Web app7 comments

Show completed tasks with a strikethrough in the list until the end of the day

Started by kevin.holleran Web app5 comments

Ability to complete tasks from the Overview screen

Started by pattygolsteijn Web app18 comments

Option to hide the Inbox and Sent lists

Started by weirdhero Web app8 comments

New repeat option: every [number] hours (e.g. 'every 6 hours')

Started by ramercer Web app30 comments

Ability to postpone only one instance of an 'every' repeating task

Started by pstoffel Web app4 comments

When editing multiple tasks, show common tags in the tags field

Started by kevin.bouck Web app3 comments

Ability to enter an address in the 'location' field for a task, without first setting up the location

Started by york81 Web app1 comment

Option to specify that a repeat cannot occur on a weekend (e.g. if a bill is due every 30 days, but if the 30 days end on a weekend, the billing date is the following Monday)

Started by hellata Web app1 comment

New due date format: end of [month name] (e.g. 'end of august')

Started by e.v Web app3 comments