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Display the name of the user who created a shared task

devenv says:

In shared lists creator name would be very nice... We use shared lists all the time and It's a big problem not to know who created a task...

Posted at 11:01pm on February 2, 2010

mike.aylward says:

This. In general, I think some more thought needs to be put into shared/group task management. Getting two people on a contact list is clunky. Knowing who is doing what is difficult. Knowing when one of my co-workers modified a task that is shared would be tremendous. Basically, more "collaborative" technologies.

Posted 2 years ago

katebarlow.com says:

Majorly helpful feature!
Also good to see who completes.

Posted 2 years ago

rbreton74 Pro says:

Great idea!

Posted 11 months ago

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