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Desktop app

Started by benpage26 New apps17 comments

Include notes in the print view

Started by clientcontrol Web app88 comments

Add a 'waiting' status for tasks

Started by joheine Web app7 comments

Support for 'weekday' in repeats (e.g. 'every month on the last weekday')

Started by atomicpirate Web app36 comments

Recognize phone numbers in task titles for one-touch dialling

Started by halloleo iPhone app4 comments

Ability to edit task names inline (in the task list)

Started by lhenriquez Web app15 comments

Show the task creation date

Started by rendlm5 Web app63 comments

Connect tasks to Gmail contacts

Started by sdcpm Android app3 comments

Ability to dismiss individual task notifications (instead of 'Dismiss All')

Started by busychris18 Android app7 comments

Export tasks to CSV

Started by nickle Web app58 comments

Support for tasks created by flagging emails for follow up

Started by spamboy MilkSync for Microsoft Outlook89 commentsAnswered

Drag and drop to move tasks to another list

Started by manoj.chugh Web app54 comments

Customize tag colors

Started by michal.valko Web app22 comments

When sorting by due date, sort tasks with due times first

Started by matthauger Web app19 comments

Automatically link contact names in tasks with iPhone contacts (e.g. 'Call Phil Burns' links 'Phil Burns' to contact info and allows calling)

Started by billings.colin iPhone app3 comments

Allow multiple locations for one task

Started by mahinirb Web app92 comments

Ability to postpone to the next working day

Started by margus.laak Web app8 comments

Meta-locations (e.g. 'Supermarket' might include multiple local grocery stores)

Started by jonathan.cederberg Android app15 comments

Add a 'This Week' view to the Overview screen

Started by unclben Web app6 comments

Sort by tags

Started by cris987 Web app99 comments