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Google Chrome extension

hebbet Pro says:

Google has launched finally the Extensions for Chrome.

You should make an extension for chrome

that is a very cool https://chrome.google.com/extensions/detail/chieodlkhimccchlojdmiondhiggkhmf

Posted at 1:19pm on December 9, 2009

bugie Pro says:

Why doen't just use this extension?

Posted 3 years ago

robertvanbregt says:

This feature is already available.

Posted 3 years ago

sylvain.bannier says:

it's available, but as i wrote in another ticket : it never worked for me (US english or not).

Posted 3 years ago

wyssdaniel says:

Here it's working very well :-)

Posted 11 months ago

colbymulkey Pro says:

The current Chrome extension is more of a bookmark to the website than it is a traditional extension. I'd like to see an RTM icon next to Chrome's address bar, with a badge count indicating how many tasks are due within a selected list.

Posted 10 months ago

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