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A daily planner (in addition to the weekly planner)

Started by mikemking Web app2 comments

Ability to comment on tasks

Started by goodspeed Web app2 comments

Customize list (tab) colors

Started by pretendr Web app81 comments

A monthly planner (in addition to the weekly planner)

Started by anateus Web app2 comments

Support for 'every other' repeating tasks (e.g. 'every other weekday', 'every other year', etc)

Started by hubs Web app5 comments

Customizable priority colors

Started by blue Web app90 comments

Support for Markdown in notes

Started by ivan.aga Web app34 comments

Quadrant view

Started by sarah.mount Web app6 commentsAnswered

Planning binder printing option

Started by brent.hohlweg Web app3 comments

Option to display due dates in ISO 8601 format

Started by cori.schlegel Web app29 comments

Auto-link URLs in task names

Started by wodow Web app5 comments

Bubble Map view

Started by poormattie Web app6 comments

Customize app with own logo

Started by mcauser Web app5 comments

Show the list name for each task on the Overview screen

Started by tm2000 Web app4 comments

Index card printing option

Started by dav Web app3 comments

Time tracking for tasks

Started by kdriscoll Web app74 comments

Support for numerical sorting of task names

Started by jsteehl Web app3 comments

Add multiple tasks at once

Started by doug.martin Web app10 comments

Ability to specify exceptions for repeating tasks (e.g. 'every day except sunday' or 'every month except july')

Started by ashkey Web app3 comments

PocketMod printing option

Started by ricky.webster Web app12 comments