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Remember The Milk gadget

The Sidebar Gadget allows you to manage your tasks in Google Calendar:

With the "quick add" feature, you can easily add tasks:

Quick add

You can add tasks like:

Pick up the milk

Call Lizzie at 9am tomorrow

Return library books in 2 weeks

You can use the Smart Add syntax to specify additional task properties.

Take out the trash Monday at 8pm *weekly #errand

Add to Google Calendar

Just click the button below to add Remember The Milk (Sidebar Gadget) to Google Calendar:

Add to Google Calendar

Add to Google Calendar for Google Apps users

If you use Google Calendar with Google Apps, the button above won't work to add this feature. To add to Google Apps:

  1. Check if your Google Calendar account has Labs: look for the green Labs icon in the top right. If you don't see it, you may need to ask your domain administrator to enable Labs by checking the "Enable pre-release features" box in Domain settings for Google Apps.

  2. Enter your domain (e.g. 'example.com') in the following box:


  3. Click the button below to add Remember The Milk to Google Calendar with Google Apps.

    Add to Google Calendar