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Easier start dates in Android app

Started by rfrancis Android app0 comments

Actual time

Started by micheldm General2 comments

Customize Tasks Displayed in iOS Widget

Started by robert.ward iPhone app7 comments

Refresh and simplification of the Gmail addon - add panel, link panel, etc.

Started by kaopuaokalani Gmail add-on1 comment

Family pro accounts

Started by micheldm General0 comments

Add more button

Started by pean Android app0 comments

isFirstSubtask for Smartlists

Started by philipp.boksberger Web app1 comment

behaviour of the appearance of subtasks

Started by fant General0 comments

More advanced clipboard pasting - copy list from another app and parse as separate tasks in RTM

Started by joeyvandijk Web app0 comments

Select tasks and copy to clipboard

Started by joeyvandijk Web app0 comments

Task automatic roll-up

Started by twojaysfarm General0 comments

Re-order the left menu

Started by geojono Web app0 comments

30/30 Intergration

Started by wilsontang New integrations0 comments

Generalized Locations

Started by zerzawy New integrations0 comments

Multiple lists in multiple tabs

Started by karltowle Web app0 comments

subtask missed >:-/

Started by fant General0 comments

New filter due:nextWorkingDay

Started by martin.bodlak General2 comments

Sort tags by number of tasks

Started by pierre.steckmeyer Web app0 comments

Advanced Search Function for First Item in List (GTD Next Actions)

Started by nbooker Web app0 comments

letting the user decide which day to start the week in calendar picker

Started by windmulder Android app0 comments