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Show iCalendar events having start and due date

Started by carloscadu Web app0 comments

Show iCalendar events having start and due date

Started by carloscadu General0 comments

Include list name in "description" field of the calendar feed

Started by carloscadu General0 comments

Thicker or resizable left pane in RTM (Web) for better visualization of list names

Started by carloscadu Web app1 comment

Clear out the ideas forum!

Started by wes.foster General3 comments

Don't keep asking me to login on the desktop app

Started by porum New apps1 comment

Sub lists

Started by meggerud General0 comments

Add activity log

Started by muhozhrun General2 comments

Windows 10 phone

Started by magnen Mobile version0 comments

"Days Until" function for event countdown

Started by tallestguy New integrations0 comments

Allow drag-and-drop of tasks on mobile

Started by dave.liao Android app0 comments

Customizable font styles

Started by dave.liao Web app0 comments

Show Subtasks Underneath Parent Tasks Preferably as Hierarchy or Tree

Started by jonm3 Web app10 comments

Minor - Search box - Different colour

Started by nickle Web app0 comments


Started by robfreundlich New integrations0 comments

Completed, incomplete or both

Started by nickle Web app1 comment

Add "Sort by advanced" function to completed tasks

Started by shershnov Web app2 comments

Edit forum posts

Started by raymond.bergmark Web app1 comment

Tasks with start date of today (or earlier) to show up in today's list

Started by suziestoj Web app5 comments

Choose daily digest type

Started by opuntia2 Web app1 comment