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search / smartlist: due in the past

Started by fant Web app0 comments

Want Reenie Beanie back

Started by fant Web app0 comments


Started by david.latapie General0 comments

Separate work and home tasks

Started by unsliced General3 comments

Forum: archive old/dead threads

Started by acfinnefrock General1 comment

Gmail email URL in forwarded emails

Started by bugsie Web app0 comments

Nest tags

Started by robin.steed Web app2 comments


Started by acfinnefrock Web app4 comments

New criteria for Smart Lists

Started by jy3 Web app2 comments

List tags in Daily Digest

Started by nicholasemay Email0 comments

Turn off automatic due date recognition

Started by premiumiv General1 comment

Unlimited Sub-Sub-Tasks

Started by seamonsters Web app1 comment

Settings for Main task estimation = Total of sub task estimation

Started by abhange General0 comments

Have a swipe area at the bottom without having to go to the top.

Started by crandall57 iPhone app1 comment

Cloud attachments

Started by ffaauusstt General1 comment

Night mode

Started by ffaauusstt Android app2 comments

Repeat after shorter durations

Started by tacitdynamite Web app0 comments

The ability to collapse tasks by group

Started by wes.foster Web app0 comments

Add Start Date Icon above Task List

Started by klliopatra Web app2 comments

Resizing Center Panel (Task List) on Web App?

Started by klliopatra Web app1 comment