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Custom colors on tags

Started by azzouz Web app2 comments

Drop down button

Started by kieran.ross Web app0 comments

Ability to choose multiple list and tags at once

Started by opuntia2 Web app0 comments

Roll up dates to parent task

Started by thestumonkey Web app0 comments

Notify on note

Started by thestumonkey Web app0 comments

Show all notes in a list

Started by thestumonkey Web app0 comments

share a list by URL

Started by leente Web app1 comment

Better subtasking functionality

Started by shardvicens Web app2 comments

Website and Android app both need a dark theme

Started by taskmachine Web app5 comments

Main task due date equals last due date of subtasks

Started by jryager Web app1 comment

Arrow Keys To Move Up and Down Tasks?

Started by tjhill Web app0 comments

Started by squaregoldfish Web app0 comments

Rtm drag and drop notes

Started by whoyuppie Web app0 comments

Visual Planner

Started by chandan.maruthi Web app0 comments

Sort by number of tasks

Started by dave.liao Web app0 comments

More notification options starting with Notes and Task complete

Started by colbajuby Web app0 comments

toggle/setting to show and allow sort by additional info on all task list like when printed

Started by greg.koontz Web app0 comments

Checklist templates with origin date

Started by zhinjio Web app0 comments

Allow the parent task of a subtask to be used as a criterion

Started by mbowes80 Web app2 comments

task scrambling

Started by geophyzz Web app2 comments