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Search operator for emailed-in tasks

Started by markwilliams Web app0 comments

Project templates, i.e. sets of tasks for repeatable projects

Started by markwilliams Web app7 comments

Support for location:none search

Started by dave.lehrer Web app4 comments

Customizable printing (add tags, colored priority, etc)

Started by manveru Web app10 comments

Automatically delete missed repeating tasks

Started by astrojason Web app4 comments

Tag aliasing (e.g. tag alias 'sd' for a tag named 'someday')

Started by rdurdyyew Web app0 comments

Ability to add photos or audio to tasks

Started by nlstefan Web app7 comments

Show completed tasks with a strikethrough in the list until the end of the day

Started by kevin.holleran Web app5 comments

Ability to see the total time estimate for tasks due on a specific date

Started by vincent.ruck Web app2 comments

Make the note icon clickable

Started by ckpinguin Web app3 comments

Assign points to tasks

Started by vagabond99 Web app8 comments

Keyboard shortcut for 'duplicate task'

Started by joerg.rieckermann Web app13 comments

Option to keep completed tasks in the list for 24 hours

Started by finnern Web app1 comment

Timer to record time spent on tasks

Started by whall Web app4 comments

Ability to specify the timezone for a task

Started by david.hausheer Web app3 comments

Milestones, i.e. multiple deadlines for one task

Started by david.hausheer Web app0 comments

Ability to archive tags

Started by beny Web app5 comments

After changing a due date, show the new due date in the status box to confirm it's correct

Started by bugsie Web app1 comment

When using the keyboard shortcut to access the 'tags' field, place the cursor at the end of the field rather than highlighting the existing text

Started by larcher01 Web app3 comments

Make tasks clickable from the status box after editing

Started by simzdk Web app1 comment