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Possibility to add reminder directly when creating a task

Started by pistaccio11 Web app1 comment

A little more time to undo actions, or ctrl-Z to undo last action

Started by ashineko Web app2 comments

Allow Bulk Update for URL

Started by ashineko Web app0 comments

Auto complete for list and tag names for easier searching

Started by erica.strand Web app1 comment

start dates

Started by fant Web app0 comments

Default due date: add "Tomorrow" as an option

Started by kangas Web app2 comments

Setting to make drag and drop never create a subtask

Started by ashineko Web app1 comment

Streamlining Task Notes Entry

Started by martinhughharvey Web app0 comments

Search in the Add a task... field

Started by shardvicens Web app0 comments

Quick Filters for (smart) Lists (like JIRA)

Started by ecmnk Web app0 comments

Postpone until

Started by andy.lawson Web app0 comments

Show an icon when a task has a start date

Started by ml.barrett Web app0 comments

Keeping Desktop notifications enabled when switching default browser.

Started by jamesr404 Web app0 comments

Quick info if the mouse is over item

Started by devarni Web app0 comments

Responsive version

Started by tonyhue Web app0 comments

Postpone up to 6 days

Started by faustus23 Web app1 comment

search / smartlist: due in the past

Started by fant Web app0 comments

Want Reenie Beanie back

Started by fant Web app0 comments

Gmail email URL in forwarded emails

Started by bugsie Web app0 comments

Nest tags

Started by robin.steed Web app2 comments